Civilian Soldier Alliance



An all-volunteer organization of civilians working with veterans and active-duty service members to build a GI resistance movement towards a just foreign policy.

"We believe that organizing resistance within the military is a strategy that can directly end war and occupation. Military support is one of the major pillars holding up war: when service members withdraw their labor from a war that depends on their consent, they become a powerful force for change.

- We use a transformational organizing model which includes winning short-term gains through issue based campaigns. However, the long-term focus is on the transformation of individuals and society through empowerment and an understanding of our common humanity and human rights based values.

- We aim to support the leadership of people most affected by war and occupation and build movements where healing and personal growth are central components of organizing."

- We believe that networks of ally support are important components of organizing within the military and veteran communities, and we hope that by building strong civilian networks, we can ensure that war resisters and veterans do not have to go it alone.