Clancyworks Dance Company 

P.O. Box 3111

Silver Spring, MD20918

Phone (301) 717 - 9271


A group of diverse performing artists who come together to share their artistic visions.  The members of   ClancyWorks have more than fifteen years of dance and choreographic experiences and have held major choreographic, performance, and administrative positions in numerous nationally recognized companies, festivals and universities.  In addition, the members of our company have interests in a variety of fields including the healing arts; social justice and peace promotions; and working with a range of individuals of all ages and all abilities.  The company performs choreographic works that empower culturally and ethnically diverse individuals to make social commentaries while creating an environment of respect and comfort for both artists and patrons.  Our skills in dynamic partnering create a metaphor for the building of an environment where women lift men with a similar strength and ease, bi-racial and same sex couples partner, and an audience of all ages, races, classes and genders can feel inspired and at ease.  ClancyWorks dancers challenge their audience to think, question, and shift their political perceptions.