The following is a list of books that we here at the Washington Peace Center have on hand to lend out for anyone interested in some informative reading. If you're interested in borrowing a title, give us a call at 202-234-2000 to make sure it's not already being lent out, and then simply stop by to pick up your book. It's that simple : )

Last, First Name                                                                                     Book Title                                                    Publisher                                 DoP

Acer, Elanor                                                         Assessing The New Normal    Lawyers Committee for Human Rights    2003

Adams, Patricia                                                             Odious Debts                         Probe International                      1991

Adwan, Sami; Naveh, Eyal                                              Side By Side                             The New Press                        2012

Aldridge, Bob                                                             America in Peril                        Hope Publishing House                 2008

Alexander, Michelle                                      The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration
                                                                          in the Age of Colorblindness                   The New Press                       2010

Andreas, Joel                                                             Addicted To War                                AK Press                              n/a

Ardagh, Arjuna                                                      The Translucent Revolution                New World Library                     2005

Armstrong, Jerome; Moulitsas, Markos                         Crashing The Gate                         Chelsea Green                       2006

Arnove, Anthony                                                     Iraq The Logic of Withdrawal                The New Press                      2006

Begg, Moazzam                                           Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment
                                                                                  At Guantanamo                           The New Press                        2006

Berrigan, Philip; McAlister, Elizabeth                           The Time's Discipline             Fortkamp Publishing Company          1989

Boardman, F. Elizabeth                                                 Taking A Stand                        New Societs Publishers               2004

Borjesson, Kristina                                        Feet To The Fire:The Media After 9/11          Promethus Books                    2005

Brown, Michael Jacoby                               Building Powerful Community Organizations      Long Haul Press                    2006

Butler, Lawrence C.T.                                          On Conflict and Consensus                     Food Not Bombs                    1987

Califano Jr, A. Joseph                                            The Student Revolution                        The Norton Library                   1970

Chomsky Noam                                                                  9-11                                      Seven Stories                         2001

Clark, Ramsey                                                         The Children are Dying                 International Action Center            1998

Cohen, D. Elliot                  
                                          News Incorporated                       Promethus Books                   2005

Coover, Virginia; Moore, Christopher                    Resource Manual for a Living Revolution    New Society Press                 1978

Court, Jamie                                                                   Raising Hell                                 Chelsea Green                     2010

Da, Adi                                                                       Not-Two Is Peace                            IS Peace 723                       2009

Dadge, David                                                                   Silenced                                   Promethus Books                   2005

Ediger, Peter                                                      Living With The Wolf: Walking
                                                                               the Way of Nonviolence                    Pace E Bene Press                2009

Flanagan, Joan                                                The Grass Roots Fundraising Book                 Swallow Press                   1977

Frank, Thomas                                                     What's The Matter With Kansas?                Owl Books                        2004

Galloway, George                                                 Mr.Galloway Goes To Washington             The New Press                   2005

Gandio, Del Jason                                                       Rhetoric for Radicals                      New Society Publishers          2008

Ganguly, Sumit                                                               Conflict Unending                                 Oxford                         2001

Gathje, R. Peter                                                   The Open Door Reader:1982-2002               The Open Door                  2002

Gelbspan, Ross                                                                Boiling Point                                 Basic Books                     2004

Ginger, Fagan Ann                                                Challenging U.S. Human Rights
                                                                                  Violations since 9/11                        Promethus Books                2005

Giovanni, Nikki                                              Black Feeling Black Talk Black Judgement    Morrow Paperback Editions     1970

Gurevich, Vladimir                                                  Disamament and Development             Novosti Press Agency             1987

Hersey, John                                                                     Hiroshima                                        Vintage                         1985

Hughes, Solomon                                                        War On Terror, INC.                                 Verso                           2007

Ingram, T. Richard                                                 Ten Basic Responsibilities of                   
National Center for
                                                                                   Nonprofit Boards                              Nonprofit Boards                 1996

Irivuzumugabe, Eric; Lawrence, D. Tracey                My Father, Maker of the Trees                    Baker Books                    2009

Johnson, W. Pierre                                                             Fair Trade                          Alliance for a Resposnsible,
                                                                                                                                   Plural and United World             2003

Kamezawa, Miyuki; Casterline, Barbara                       The Unforgettable Day                     The Unforgettable Day
                                                                                                                                          Over The World                  1992

Kane, Joe                                                                           Savages                                          KNOPF                       1995

Katz, H.Judith                                                             White Awareness                              Oklahoma Press                 1978

Klein, Namoi                                                              We Are Everywhere                                  Verso                          2003

Kraliner, Joshua                                                         The Corporate Planet                           Sierra Club Book                1997

Lakey, Berit                                             Meeting Facilitation: The No Magic Method        New Society Publishers             n/a

Lakey, George                                                          Powerful Peacemaking                    New Society Publishers           1987

Lapham, Lewis                                                         The Agony Of Mammon                              Verso                           1998

Lester, Julius                                                                  To Be A Slave                                       Dell                               n/a

Liederman, Robbie                                                   Peace & Change:Vol.36
                                                                              Number 1 January 2011                         Sheridan Press                   2011

Liederman, Robbie                                                   Peace & Change:Vol.36
                                                                                 Number 3 July 2011                            Sheridan Press                  2011

Liederman, Robbie                                                   Peace & Change:Vol.36
                                                                              Number 4 October 2011                        Sheridan Press                   2011

Littleton, Scott C.                                                          Eastern Wisdom                              Henery Holy                       1996

Mahajan, Rahul                                                          Full Spectrum Dominance                   Seven Stories                     2003

Make Trade Fair                                                 Rigged Rules and Double Standards          Oxfam International               2002

Mann, Eric                                                                Dispatches From Durban                    Frontlines Press                  2002

McCarthy, Colman                                                     I'd Rather Teach Peace                          Orbis Books                     2005

McLellan, David                                                     Karl Marx Selected Writings                           Oxford                         1977

McWilliams, Joan                                                        The Peace Finder                                 Balue Fox                       2006

Mejia, Camilo                                                             Road From Ar-Ramadi                       Haymarket Books                2008

Michalak, Laurence                                                      Cruel and Unusual                                    ADC                           1974

Midgley,Jane                                                        Women and The U.S. Budget               New Society Publishers           2005

Mock, Springer Melanie                                                  Writing Peace                                 Pandora Press                   2003

Morris, L. Irwin                                            Votes Money and The Clinton Impeachment             Westview                       2002

Nakazawa, Keiji                                                        Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon
                                                                               Story of Hiroshima Vol.1                            Last Gasp                     2004

Nakazawa, Keiji                                                    Barefoot Gen:The Day After Vol.2                   Last Gasp                     2004

Nakazawa, Keiji                                             Barefoot Gen: Life After The Bomb Vol.3                Last Gasp                     2004

Obama, Barack                                                         Dreams from My Father                      Three Rivers Press               2004

O'Brien, Sibley Anne; O'Brien, Edmond Perry                    After Gandhi                                    Charlesbridge                   2009

Pacific War Reasearch                                 The Day Man Lost Hiroshima, 6 Agust 1945     Kodansha International           1972

Perkins, John                                                     Confessions of an Economic Hit Man      Berrett-Koheler Publishers        2004

Peter, Phillips                                                   Project Censored Guide To Independent
                                                                                      Media and Activism                             Seven Stories               2003

Popovic, Srdja; Marovic, Ivan                           A Guide To Effective Nonviolent Struggle        Canvas Core Curriculum          2007

Raterner, Michael; Olshansky, Barbara                       Against War With Iraq                            Seven Stories                   2003

Roddick, Anita                                                              Take It Personally                                  Conari Press                 2001

Rosenberg, Susan                                                     An American Radical                                Citadel Press                   n/a

Ruggiero, Greg; Sahhulka, Stuart                              The Progressive Guide To
                                                                           Alernative Media and Activism                          Seven Stories              1999

Saalakhan, Mauri                                                  Criminal Justice In America            Concerned Citizens For Terrence    1992

Sacco, Joe; Klein, Naomi                                              War With No End                                      Verso                       2007

Salzman, Jason                                                            Making The News                                    Westview                   1998

Schott, J. Jeffrey                                                      The WTO After Seattle          Institute For International Economics    2000

Schulz, F. William                                                    In Our Own Best Interest                                Beacon                     2001

Sharpe, Mike                                                              Thou Shalt Not Kill                            North Castle Books              2005

Sheehan, Cindy                                       10 Excellent Reasons Not To Join The Military            The New Press                2006

Soros, George                                                   The Crisis of Global Capitalism                          Public Affairs                 1998

Stassen, Harold Glen; Wittner, S. Lawrence        Peace Action: Past, Present, and Future               Paradigm                   2007

Stauber, John; Rampton, Sheldon                           Toxic Sludge is Good For You!                Common Courage Press        1995

Sunstein, R. Cass                                                    The Second Bill Of Rights                           Basic Books                 2004

Sutherland, Bill; Meyer, Matt                                      Guns and Gandhi in Africa                     Africa World Press            2000

Taifa, Nkechi; Nolan, A. Sudie                                Tulia Tip of The Drug War Iceberg                         OSPC                     2003

Victor, J. Orville                                                   History Of American Conspiracies          Charles E. Tuttle Company      1978

Warrior Writers                                                              Warrior Writters                                   First Step Print              2007

Whitman-Bradley, Buff; Whitman-Bradley, Cynthia               About Face                                         PM Press                  2011

Wildman, David; Bennis, Phyllis                            Ending the US War in Afghanistan              Olive Branch Press             2010

Woodward, Bob                                                              State of Denial                                Simon & Schuster             2006

Yankoski, Mike; Yankoski, Danae                                      Zealous Love                                      Zondervan                    2009

Zinn, Howard                                                                        Emma                                        South End Press             2002