Muslim American Women's Policy Forum

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The Muslim American Women’s Policy Forum (MAWPF) was born from a lack of safe spaces for Muslim women organizers in Washington, DC. MAWPF work is led by Muslim women organizers and is a space for centering women’s voices, work, and contributions to social justice, policy, and collective liberation.

API Resistance


Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Resistance is a collective of API peoples in Washington, D.C., committed to challenging anti-Black racism, white supremacy, imperialism and capitalism. Recognizing that API liberation is bound with Black liberation, we strive to do this work by taking direct action, confronting anti-Black racism in our own communities, and building solidarity with and resources for local Black-led organizations.

Institute for Policy Studies

"IPS is a community of public scholars and organizers linking peace, justice, and the environment in the U.S. and globally. We work with social movements to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power. As Washington’s first progressive multi-issue think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has served as a policy and research resource for visionary social justice movements for over four decades — from the anti-war and civil rights movements in the 1960s to the peace and global justice movements of the last decade.

Theater of the Oppressed

"The International Theatre of the Oppressed Organisation will not be just one Center more, but an Organisation dedicated to help all Centers to develop themselves, so that they can help other TO groups to grow and develop. The Organisation is carried by the combined power of experienced Jokers across the globe. We dream of having a Virtual Libraries of books, thesis, photos, movies and videos about TO in the world, accessible to all. We also dream of an extensive Theatre of the Oppressed Library filled with Real Images and Words.

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River East Emerging Leaders

"The purpose of the River East Emerging Leaders is to engage and empower residents from Washington D.C.'s Ward 7 & 8 (River East) communities in order to: Foster, participate in, and encourage, educational, cultural, charitable, civic, and leadership development and participation in River East and surrounding communities; Develop public-private partnerships to provide needed services and programs for residents in River East; Assist and promote economic growth and investment in the River East community."

Impact Hub DC

"Impact Hub DC is a radically inclusive coworking space. We believe innovation is a community act. Here you’ll find the space, inspiration and technology to create solutions for a sustainable and more equitable world. Impact Hub DC will open a local doorway to a growing, global movement of thousands working atImpact Hubs across the world from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco."

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If Not Now

"We are Jews who live our Judaism in diverse ways. Our tradition compels us to a particular commitment, born of shared texts and a shared history, to the notion that every human being is valuable, and that all people deserve freedom and the opportunity to forge their own future. Our own history of oppression has taught us that our freedom cannot be achieved absent the freedom of our neighbors."

Conjure! Freedom Collective

Conjure! are creative healing justice workers breathing a vision to heal the trauma of slavery, end racial caste, and form a new love politic in the U.S. 

Conjure! is curated from a positive desire to integrate healing and love-work, as we must do for ourselves, communities, and the world. The splitting apart of what we do and how we are by industries is no different from the same harm that we create in our spirits, bodies, relationships, and lands when we coerce separation.

One DC


ONE DC (formerly Manna CDC) was founded in 1997 in the midst of neighborhood change. From early on, ONE DC's approach to community development addressed structural causes of poverty and injustice, an orientation that stemmed from deep analysis of race, power, and the economic, political, and social forces at work in Shaw and the District. As a result, ONE DC’s organizing work centers on popular education, community organizing, and alternative economic development projects.

Empower DC

The mission of Empower DC is to enhance, improve and promote the self-advocacy of low and moderate income DC residents in order to bring about sustained improvements in their quality of life. We accomplish our mission through grassroots organizing and trainings, leadership development, and community education.

Empower DC is a citywide, multi-issue, membership-based community organizing project. Empower DC builds campaigns to address key issues that directly-impact our membership. The organization is led by its membership, Board of Directors and staff.

Black is Back Coalition

The election of Barack Obama as U.S. president has not ended the suffering of our people or U.S. injustices around the world. While the US Congress has given Wall Street and the auto industry trillions of dollars, the same Congress refuses to repair the legacy of slavery for descendants of enslaved Africans or prevent ethnic cleansing of black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Massive home losses due to criminal banking practices attests to the ongoing theft of billions of dollars of black community wealth.

Community of Hope

For 34 years, Community of Hope has provided hope and stability to low-income and homeless adults and children in DC. Our holistic range of programs - from healthcare to housing with supportive services and programs promoting strong families - helps underserved residents create stable lives for themselves and promising futures for their children.

Multiple locations and facilities. Check website for more info.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

The Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship (WBPF) is a coalition of Buddhists and like-minded individuals dedicated to serving as a proactive force for peace, social and economic justice, and a sustainable environment. WBPF holds public meetings and sponsors a wide variety of talks, workshops, retreats and other programs with spiritual leaders, peace facilitators and experts in conflict resolution to help develop skills for the effective promotion of peaceful change. In addition, we work closely with other peace organizations to optimize mutual understanding and cooperative efforts.

Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs

The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, created within the Office of the President in 2006, is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of religion, ethics, and public life. Through research, teaching, and service, the Center explores global challenges of democracy and human rights; economic and social development; international diplomacy; and interreligious understanding.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

Vision: A community of inspired professionals equipped to lead a diverse and evolving nonprofit sector.

Mission: YNPNdc advances the careers of young professionals to strengthen the nonprofit sector.
Networking. Monthly happy hours and other networking events to trade information on jobs, organizations, and upcoming events

Professional development. Seminars on topics like resume-writing, fundraising, and management, as well as discussion groups on important trends in the sector

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City at Peace

City at Peace-National is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that empowers teenagers to create safe, healthy and peaceful lives and communities. Using the performing arts as a vehicle, City at Peace-National is developing the next generation of engaged community leaders.

Simply put, our aim is our name: City at Peace.

W. Thompson Prewitt
Executive Director

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DC Action Lab


DC Action Lab is a worker-owned collective of experienced organizers trying to build a world based on equity, justice, and sustainability.

From flash street actions and communications to long term strategy and coalition building, our mission is to provide support for the nuts and bolts of movement building. We can handle all of your communications, fundraising, action, event, facilitation, and strategic planning needs.


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